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Artist Mission Statement

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I, Bryce Roy Holywell, dedicate my life’s work as an artist to the liberation of all beings on Earth.

My arts practice aims to always follow the way of the Flow State, producing work with deep concentration and equanimity, while being my best to perform at the highest peak level possible at any given moment.

By being proactive and beginning with my vision in mind, the philosophy and mission of Meightstar, is to be a devoted and committed leader to one’s own self and overall community. To be an example of true benevolence towards all beings whom exist in this reality, and to strive to create everlasting harmony between all people, animals, plants and the living. As an artist and mate towards my fellow country men and women, I strive to contribute and serve them in any way possible, bringing integrity to every action that is done, and focusing on the win for all parties through reciprocity. Expressing the gift of love from within ones heart is at the upmost importance to myself and all who follow this creed, as it is our mission to enjoy and savour the journey of life, to thrive with happiness, and to build the vision of a one unified interdependent society where through the acceptance of one another’s differences, we can truely live together in divine peace with God, for freedom with family, we all walk each other home.

Following the principles of Meightstar, I intend to always focus upon my personal development and practice my skills of my life’s artistry on a daily bases. This commitment to self enables me to be and express my ultimate truth to all who view and engage with my craft. Seeking first to understand those around me before my artwork is to be fully understood by the masses, I plan to listen with full conscious awareness to my audiences needs, research what is required to fulfil and maintain that necessity, and to give my gifts with love through synergy and in full collaboration to all who appreciate and admire my creativity.

The content I intend to add and explore through my arts based practice, must align with my truth of what I know about myself and the world around me. It must be in direct contact with the destination and vision of what I see in front of myself, illustrating what I envision the future of every next moment to be like, and what I want to embody through my own individual action through life’s events. It must portray a realm of divine happiness and celebration, full of colour and various symbols that represent everything I deem fit to express, for it is a gift not only to myself but to all life in existence. My artistic journey must be a source of good that inspires and helps motivate the good in other people who also wish to surround and immerse themselves in the divine imagination and creation of the culture that is all around us in this world and beyond.

To unite as one means that in all my efforts to do my absolute best in my occupation as an artist, my work must be a foundation that helps bring the people together, to help them all in their everyday moments of daily living, so that they are self governing and take full responsibility of the life that they carry with them into the collective vision we ultimately hold dear to our heart’s desires.

As the visionary artist that I am, my fundamental mission is to serve my fellow earthlings through the messages and imagery I aim to draw into this plane of existence. As we are all here alive to breathe in the fullness of what life has to offer us all, my art is the catalyst that aims to bring heaven on earth to all, with only love in my sight of vision, I must not let fear enter my soul and being, and embark along my journey in full excitement and joy in all that I am creating in this reality.

The way of the Sage is with my every expression in my creations, with God and the higher power of the Tao as my divine witnesses, my temple and spirit is true, whole and complete with the unity of every being. Abandoning no one and nothing, I embrace and save all through my lead.

With love, let my being draw daily, that which is beautiful, mesmerising and a blessing to everyone’s spirit.

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