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​​​Bryce offers art commissions for custom made meditative mandalas that are created to personally represent your inner being and overall wholeness of who you think you are as a person in this life.

Personalised mandalas symbolically reflect how you see yourself in the present moment. By tapping into his conscious creative imagination, Bryce springs to life a mandala that speaks to you on a deep soul level, affirming the being you see yourself to be now, and visually communicates everything that makes up your life and who you aspire to become in the future.

"I believe everyone has an inner desire to express who they are as an individual being, my mandalas seek to be that soul expression for the people, so that they internally know of the sacredness of their own life and purpose here on Earth."

This digital mandala art piece is uniquely created for you, and is designed to remind you everyday of who you are, what you are here to do, and why you are here to do it.


If your inner being desires to be heard and expressed on a deep soul level, Bryce has a personalised meditative mandala waiting to be created from the imaginative realms of his mind.


Energy Exchange from $333  - Please contact Bryce for commission.  

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